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Propositions Institute in the Public Square


Virtual Thrift Club

Join this forum to discuss the ethic, history, and philosophy of thrift. Read More

Bring Back Thrift Week

It's time to bring back National Thrift Week! Up until 1966, it was a coast-to-coast celebration of American ideals like diligence, hard work, responsible consumerism, and smart saving. These concepts are the keys to long term prosperity, and if we collectively embrace them once more, we may be able to right our floundering economy. Read More

Get Government out of Gambling

This website exposes the government's role as the chief enabler of the gambling industry and assesses the effects of government-sponsored gambling on society. Read More

2010 Texas Thrift Survey Field Report

Download the Report. For more information, contact Chuck Stokes.

Stop Predatory Gambling

As its name implies, Stop Predatory Gambling's mission is to stop predatory gambling — the government program that uses gambling to prey on human weakness for profit. It is a something-for-nothing scheme that creates an allusion of phony prosperity and veils the most predatory institution in America today. The movement is about much more than gambling — it is about the purpose and promise of America. Read More

Austin American-Statesman Series on the Texas Lottery | September 2010